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Baking Up a Good Story

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Fresh Bread and Stories before the Fire

I just put a lump of dough in the oven, already hungry for the loaf of fresh bread that will soon come out. I bake in a wood oven and so the process always begins with splitting kindling and making a fire and then mixing up the dough while the oven heats up.

So much of what we accomplish starts with little things — sprinkling yeast into a bowl of flour and pouring on warm water. How much the dough rises depends on many things, but we get the best results when we get our hands into the sticky mess and knead it on a floured board.

Oops! Not Quite the Combination I Was Hoping For!

So here’s my offering of the day. This is the audio version of the first chapter of Fiona the Theater Mouse. I am adding these first chapters as part of #ReadAloudCanadian, a project of #AccessCopyright to help provide teachers and students options for reading aloud books to kids who are unable to be in school during this health crisis. Tomorrow I will add the second Fiona book, Caterpillar's Surprise. Any teachers who want to read aloud these books to their students are asked to contact #AccessCopyright for details.

Here's the audio version of the first chapter of Fiona the Theater Mouse.

Or if you'd rather, here I am reading it on video before the wood stove.

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