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Fiona the Theater Mouse Series

Fiona the Theater Mouse is the first in a series starring Fiona and her siblings who were born in the Noodle Soup Community Theater. The story was written during the years I lived in Vermont and my three sons were involved with their  middle school and high school theater group. All the rest is drama.

Fiona the Theater Mouse

Fiona lives with her family behind the dressing room wall in the Noodle Soup Community Theater. When she makes friends with a bat named Bart, Fiona learns about courage and how to be a good friend. Soon danger threatens her family, and Fiona and Bart must work together to find a way to save them. Grades 2 to 4, though younger children would enjoy the story as a read aloud.

Fiona Chapter 1- Mouse in ResidenceSheila Murray‑Nellis
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Caterpillar's Surprise


When Caterpillar joins Fiona and her friends in their theater project, the other creatures tease him mercilessly. Little do they know what will happen when Caterpillar withdraws into his green and gold chrysalis. Will he come out in time or will their play be ruined? This story is followed by facts about monarch butterflies and how we can help them survive. It would be a great addition to a classroom unit on butterflies and insects. Fun as a homeschooling lesson, too. Grades 2 to 4.

Caterpillar's Surprise Chapter 1Sheila Murray‑Nellis
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Frog Prince Sillies



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