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Fun in the Days of Coronavirus Quarantine

In these days of coronavirus19, kids and their parents everywhere are getting stir crazy. Yes, for the first week or two it was a novel experience staying home from school and work when no one feels sick and it's not a regular school vacation, but after a while we all need a little inspiration and fun.

Staying home can deepen family connections (even when it means learning new strategies on how NOT to fight). It can also be an opportunity to stretch your creativity.

I just received a video from my granddaughters with a new song they wrote and acted out together, musical theater style. I sent it back to them rerecorded with my own voice harmonizing with theirs. We all had a hoot with it!

Since I'd already been planning to begin this blog on April 1st to honour Poetry month by posting a kid friendly audio poem for each day of April, I thought I'd give the project a kick start today. Here is the first chapter of one of my children's chapter books. Depending on whether or not I get responses, I may post additional chapters later on.

Then for the month of April I will post audio poems. I may sometimes share other things, too, such as puzzles, jokes, recipes, tongue twisters, and games.

I hope you come along for the fun! And please leave your comment so this can be a kind of conversation on how to enjoy yourselves while being quarantined.

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